DJakob... my name...

I’m an artist who loves harnessing beauty from semiprecious gemstones embedded in handmade miniature silver jewelry. I create beauty where there is beauty to be found. My art gives a man the subtle male elegance found only in the jewelry I create.

I traveled through countries full of spirituality such as Thailand, Brazil, Egypt, Iran and India. My feet stepped on the mystical realm of Nepal and climbed the narrow paths of Himalayan Mountains in search of places and people who would inspire me in my art, of knowledge and understanding, of how one can gather in gemstones and silver positive energy, the ancient lessons and wisdom of the ancestors passed on from generation to generation.

The lands I walked on were brimming with ancient beliefs, legends and traditions which people kept as holly and true and were deeply linked to the energy of their surroundings.  

But as interesting as my travels had been, my really fantastic story has begun two years ago when I arrived in Transylvania. 

This is the land of legends and mysteries, of people connected to a dark past when majestic silver dragons where flying in the sky, restless spirits where haunting the woods at night, genies easily descended among people, curses and elements were making life hard for the very first people who set foot on these remote and untamed places.

It is because of these stories, my relentless curiosity and of course chance I’ve arrived in Valea Buii - The Frozen Valley. This  place got it’s name from a giant dragon. It was a silver white dragon, with sapphire eyes so great and terrifying that people wouldn’t dare speak but whisper. The elders told me that when this dragon slept a dark blizzard would struck and its breath would be so cold that it froze all the rivers and lakes around. 

According to this legend, after the dragon had died, dust, sands and soil brought by great storms and winds covered it and from its body mountains crests and hills arisen, grass and trees began growing just as if over a valley. Where once there had been the spine of the dragon, today there’s a road bordered with great mountains and soft hills that people say are the ribs of the dragon.

 The stories of this miraculous valley, its inhabitants with their superstitions and beliefs, its almost surreal quiet made me decide buy a house which now I can call home, live here, design and make these jewels.

It is from this enchanted land, my gems harness and then send back to the one wearing them the light positive energy. It is here when at dawn, just at first light of day, when the air is charged by the early morning energy, with my feet on the glistening grass full with drops of dew, I let the silver absorb the power of fairies and the strength of the dragon, I mould it while listening into what it wants to be reshaped.

Inside my magic garden I gathered traditional pots and pans where my gems and silver are purified by the sun light, moon light and by the rain. This is an ancient secret ritual.

After purifying, right in this small magical world, my work begins by envisioning each necklace or bracelet. The shape of my necklaces and bracelets is given by their will because my gems and silver already know which is their most powerful, beautiful perfect shape and to whom they will belong.

A man may chose to wear the positive white energy of the moon, the strength of the dragon or the magic of the fairies.

You should wear one of our brand handmade jewelry and fill yourself with the positive energy of these places along with the fire and vibrations of the dragon transformed by the forces of nature in mountains, hills and valleys.

Chose to give yourself through my handmade jewelry the exceptional force and the special ability to explore and live all the positive parts of life, to increase your focus in order to be successful in everything you are set to achieve much more easier than usual.